Noticeable and measurable results.

We’re here to solve problems.


We are the leading business consulting firm for all customer service matters along the entire value chain when it comes to anything to do with customer relations. We provide corporate groups and medium-sized companies with strategic and operative advice for the orientation of their in-house and outsourcing customer service matters, and in doing so help them make their call centres/service centres more efficient, transparent, profitable and high-performance. Almost 20 years of experience have made us an independent insider for customer service strategies (service and sales) and call centre outsourcing, so that your customer service can promptly and energetically foster the growth of your company.

We listen carefully

We want to understand where our clients come from, where they want to go, what their requirements are and what still needs to be done. We will never just make presentations for your pigeonhole; instead, we develop feasible, adjustable and flexible solutions for the customer service systems of our clients.

This the only way for them to prevail in their everyday work processes and support themselves at all company levels, and it is the only way for their teams to work. Our national and international clients benefit from our results-orientated way of working, our planning, the social expertise of our team, and our reliability.

Our approach

Our only standard solution is best practice. After all, there is no “standard company” when it comes to customer service: There are only winners and losers. Therefore, with us you will always receive client-specific solutions for individual tasks based on your budget targets.

Not only do we apply best practice, but we also use our years of experience, custom-fit for your specific requirements. All of this takes place in close cooperation with you.

You don’t need empty words of advice. You need solutions.

All of our customer care solutions begin with a detailed analysis, from which findings are yielded, and these findings are turned into new actions. From the new actions comes a lead, and from this lead comes YOUR profit – in the form of a competitive edge and safety in the knowledge that your customer service is optimally set up for the next few years.

Others are DIN tested. We develop the standards.

We were the first customer service consulting firm to join the working group that develops the DIN SPEC standard for benchmarking in the outsourcing of services, because we are the specialist for what’s important: the solution. When we arrive, we find it. Specific, implementable and measurable. Our know-how will remain with you.

8 reasons why you will win with GUTES CONSULTING

  1. All our consultants come from the side of the client. We also know all matters from the point of view of our clients. You need success, not another concept paper. We proceed pragmatically and focus on the 20% that will bring you 80% of your success and that is implemented 100%.
  2. All our consultants have already been in the “driver’s seat”. No universal catchphrases, but real, hard-earned experience. Our motto is to have a bird’s-eye view, but to also land and work on the ground.
  3. We are absolutely independent. We don’t have any shares in call centres or other service providers. We do not carry out service management seminars together with service providers. We are not part of the call centre industry. No conflicts of interest, no hidden kickbacks, no problems.
  4. We know all the relevant technology. The technology of today, the technology of tomorrow, and the technology you need.
  5. Interdisciplinary teams with no sales pressure. Our teams do not have to sell you anything, so we are free to develop the best and safest solution for you. We are here to solve problems – and then leave.
  6. We will advise you along the entire customer service value chain. This will spare you a typical problem: the hotchpotch of service providers, incompatible solution modules and suppliers. GUTES offers perfectly tailored solutions from one source, with all disciplines necessary in the customer service industry.
  7. As a Hamburg-based company, our kudos as a Hanseatic merchant is renowned. Reliability, decorum and fairness shape our actions.
  8. We offer guarantees. Namely where we can influence implementation. Just like you, we are judged by our success. We take pleasure in facing this challenge.
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